How to Program Range Rover 2105 KVM Smart Key with Mart Tool

How to Program Range Rover 2105 KVM Smart Key with Mart Tool
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Confirmed! *MART TOOL for Jaguar and Land Rover key programming is verified working perfectly!

How to: Program smart key Range rover 2015 KF72-19H440 KVM when all keys lost on bench.
Tested by professionals working for ! BIG THANKS!!



Step 1: connect the KVM to VVDI-Prog

Step 2: read D-flash & EEE data with VVDI Prog

Step 3: generate a dealer key with MART TOOL

Step 4: write key data back to KVM

Step 5: Reinstall the KVM

Step 6: Test the new dealer key


Tutorial with video & images in detail…look here:

Step 1: Disassemble the KVM immo box

remove components inside and do diagram connection

LAND ROVER RFA 1M12S (MC9S12XEQ384)  pinouts to Xhorse VVDI Prog programmer

Follow wiring diagram to make a connection

Step 2: Read D-Flash and EEE data in the KVM with VVDI Prog

Select Land rover->RFA secured MC9S12XEQ384

Step 3: Use Mart tool to generate new key and data

upload bin files (KVM_EEPROM, KVM_DFLASH) to MART TOOL key programmer

and recognize the key, generate a dealer key

then save key data

Mart tool generated new key file: Land rover D-FLASH_MART_TOOL_KEY3 and Land rover EEE_MART_TOOL_KEY3

Step 4: write key data back to KVM with vvdi prog (sec key: FE)

Step 5:  Desolder and Reinstall KVM 

and solder the component as the original, then install KVM

Step 6: test the new key programmed by MART TOOL

The new key works like a charm!

Job’s done!




Mart tool is designed to add new keys and program new keys when all keys lost for Land rover and Jaguar KVM keys with Number FK72 HPLA.

Firstly You need to use other devices to read out the D-Flash and EEE data in the KVM, then use Mart tool to generate new key and data, finally write back to KVM.

Supports 2015-2018 new Land Rover Freelander.

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