ICC and VPC100: Top 2 pin code calculator for multi-brand

We could hardly find a  pin code calculator that will calculate pin code/bcm/incode etc for multi-brand vehicles.  Here we are going to introduce two original and most respected pin readers— ICC and VPC-100 respectively.

ICC immo code calculator

ICC IMMO CODE CALCULATOR is for sure the best of its gender. ICC can calculate pin code in Immobilizers used in most of vehicles made for USA, European and Asian markets.

Objective of use:

Professional mechanic/locksmith/technician

Current software version: V147

It’s going to stop upgrade, but it is still the best quality pin code calculator.

			ICC and VPC100: Top 2 pin code calculator for multi-brand

Vehicle support:

ICC supports many of secret algorithms used in car immobilizers made by Siemens, Bosch, Sagem, Delphi, Melco, Denso, Calsonic Kansei, Johnson Controls, TRW, Valeo, Magneti Marelli, Megamos, Temic, Lucas, Texton, Continental and others for 60 vehicle brands

			ICC and VPC100: Top 2 pin code calculator for multi-brand

I am not going to list the detail model here, you can check webpage.

Original& Crack clone:

Some users say that China ICC immo about 1600 USD is the cracked clone version, if this clone existed, what you say about update online, that clone can make it? And what clone crack with a simple USB dongle will ask for more than a thousand euro.

There is no Chinese cracked version of famous ICC calculator.  It’s the original version sold by authorized dealers, like obd365 who are an approved reseller as stated on ICC website, the 20 calculations per day restriction is there no matter who or where you buy it from.

The software can ONLY work with this dongle. The USB Device is not a regular USB stick. The dongle is apart from the software its like a little processor that calculates the codes that the software send it.

But it’s too much expensive for a lot of people working on Inmo decoding & repairing. More affordable, even original versions will be a good idea.

SuperOBD VPC-100 Pin Code reader Calculator

			ICC and VPC100: Top 2 pin code calculator for multi-brand

Well, you may properly not very familiar with the VPC100 pin code calculator. But you certainly know the manufacturer “SuperOBD” who made the famous SKP900 auto key programmer. Of course, it’s original and can be updated online.

Objective of use:

DIY users

Vehicle support:


Tokens& Update:

The super advantage of the VPC-100 hand-held pin code reader is that it does not need computer and software. You can directly plug the VPC100 calculator into the vehicle diagnostic socket using the USB cable in the package. And just press the simple operation buttons and follow the screen prompts.

Token is required when using the VPC100 to read pin code via OBD. VPC-100 comes with 200 tokens default and another free register 300 tokens. Different vehicle model consume different tokens.

Token card can be purchased separately on dealer site or official webpage http://www.vpc100.com/ . The consumption rate in the web mode is two times of that in VPC-100 machine. For example, if calculate OUTCODE/INCODE for Ford need 10 tokens in VPC-100 machine, then it needs 20 tokens in website mode.

Here is a quick operation guide of the VPC100 calculator

Tokens needed when reading/calculating pin code/immo code.

There are still many other pin code calculators, but all of them are specifically for certain vehicle makes, like NSPC001 for Nissan, New VAG key login for VAG group, Chrysler Pin Code Reader for Chrysler Type 2 etc