Finally CGDI company released the CGDI MB AC Adapter which will shorten the data
The latest and most stable software version of BMW E/F Scanner goes to V2018.12.  Here
As titled, here’s remote/smart key renew wiring diagram to JMD Handy Baby II 2nd generation key
Here’s the guide to write keys in CAS3+ in case of loss all working
CGDI Prog MB newbie working experience on Mercedes W164:   Day 1: I bought
Look here: How to quickly read/write KVM data for Jaguar and Land Rover with security With ACDP mini via
Just received my handy baby2. The site i used is It looks and feels
This is for your information. It’s different between Condor XC-Mini KM02xx and KM03xx series   What is the
We have sucessfuly cloned a ID46 remote key to a Fiat 500 using new
New JMD Handy Baby II second generation key copy machine adds lots of new