Original SuperOBD SKP900 vs. clone SKP900 key programmer

Original SuperOBD SKP900 vs. clone SKP900 key programmer
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Cheap clone SKP900 with better price rushed into in the aftermarket. What’s the difference between the original SuperOBD SKP900 auto key programmer and the clone? OBD365 authorized SKP900 dealer here list 6 differences.

1. Original SKP900 with the power-on logo: SuperOBD, the clone with AUGOCOM logo.

2. Original SKP900 key programmer uses top quality high-resolution LCD display; The clone uses low quality normal screen.

3. Clone SKP900 is much lighter in weight than the original.

4. Original SKP900 takes about 10 seconds to load the software, but the clone jump to the main menu list directly.

5. Original SKP900 software size is much bigger, contains more program, so loading slower.

Main menu difference

6. Car list comparison
Original SKP900 covers major car brands from Asia, Europe, USA etc
Clone SKP900 covers mostly Chinese car models.

Take Ford operation menu as an example:

7. SuperOBD SKP900 has CE certificate. Quality assurance. But the clone does not.
Video: How to program Ford Focus remote key

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