Tango Key Programmer software update to v1.103

Tango Key Programmer software update to v1.103
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Original  Super Tango Key Programmer Software V1.103 is released in .com.

Software version  V1.103

Firmware version 1.075
Tango v1.103 new added features
Key Maker Citroen C4 2010- (95128-HITAG)
Key Maker Peugeot Expert 2010-(95128-HITAG)
Key Maker Peugeot Partner 2010-(95128-HITAG)
Key Maker Fiat IMMO009.10(9S08,ID48)
Key Maker Hyundai Starex 2001-(95P08,HITAG)
Key Maker Hyundai Sonota 2006 (AM29BDD160, HITAG)
Image generator ID46 Mahindra

Tango v1.102 new added features

Fix some bugs

tango key pro

How  to update Tango key programmer software 

Step 1. Start Tango Key Programmer software.
Step 2. Check your network and make sure it works.
Step 3. Connect Tango device to the computer and make sure the drive is successfully installed.
Step 4. Click Help in the software interface.
Step 5. Select Check Updates and the tool will start upgrading automatically.

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