How to use Benz MB IR NEC Key Programmer

MB IR NEC Key programmer for Mercedes Benz  is an easy and convenient generator of microprocessor software dumps.
Support of keys based on the NEC controller. Such as 0x28, 0x35, 0x40, 0x51, 0x57, 0x61, 0x71, 0x81, 0x229.


Free download NEC programmer software!DwlxBCRL!o7krZ09lT6nzj8eUZrBLyQdTZkd4tQZ3bb3wG8_mozg

Operating system: Windows XP only


Ability to check status and proper operation of Electronic Steering Lock (ESL)
Ability to program ESL right on a car (No need to replace it)

Supported vehicles:

W202 (MC68HC05X32 x 2 controller)
W203 (MC68HC908AZ60 controller)
W208 (MC68HC05X32 x 2 controller)
W209 (MC9S12DG128 controller)
W210 (MC68HC05X32 x 2 controller)
W211 (MC68HC912DG128A controller)
W215 (MC68HC908AZ60 controller)
W220 (MC68HC908AZ60, MC68HC05X32 x 2 controller)
W230 (MC68HC908AZ60, MC68HC05X32 x 2 controller)
W639 Vito (MC68HC908AZ60 controller)


NEC Key programmer Main menu

1- EIS type

2- use offset buffer ( ETL ) – ( Xprog )

3- Load EIS dump

4- ECU type

5- Load ECU dump

6- Load ESL or ESM dump

7- access Ir Programmer for big plastic key .

8- access Ir Programmer for RENEW key function .

9- save EIS dump (option )

10- save ECU dump (option )

11- save ESL or ESM dump (option )

12- access Ir Programmer for Chrom key

13- ( select to generate)- ( don’t generate )

14- Process ( generate select keys/modify all loading dumps )

15- access Ir Programmer for small plastic key .

16- ( generate keys dumps for Ir Programmer use)- ( generate keys dumps for NEC_Programm


How to use the Benz IR NEC Key Programmer 


Exampel for W210 /W202 /W208/W220

All type under year 2000 need only to modify (EIS and ESL for 210) and(EIS and ESM for W220)

First we have to read 2 mcu from EIS / ESL or ESM and save both as BIN file


choose EIS type

1- load EIS mcu1 load ESL ESL1 or ESM chip93c56

SSID and Pass appear

choose key to generate we choose as example key 5/6/7/8

press Process

Files Have Been Save message appear to inform that Mcu1 and ESL1 had modify and save in same folder and key 5/6/7/8 had generate and save in same folder

2- load EIS mcu2 and ESL2 choose key 5/6/7/8 thin press Process

Files Have Been Save message appear to inform that Mcu2 and ESL2 had modify and save in same folder

Write all modify dumps to chip and mcu Now we have end from modify dumps and generate keys .

How to program MCU with NEC Programmer

Run NEC_Prog.exe

NEC_Prog dialoge appear select COM port as USB convert statu

Message ( Hardware OK ) must appear . if no’t check USB cable or you have select error port .

Press (load,BIN ) then load BIN key file from folder .

After we insert MCU in ZIF socket press programming

MCU Programming and verifying Is OK ,must appear at box message . Solder MCU to PCB .

Insert key into EIS , key LED on thin off that mean key programming is OK ,and you can run the car .

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