The Key Pro M8 review by a senior locksmith

The Key pro M8 arrived several days ago, my main supplier dispatched out within 24 hours with tracking number after I paid and spent 3-days delivery. I get exactly what is stated on the site.

Package, hardware and software:
This is rubber box, inside a Key Pro M8 Auto Key Programmer main unit, a M8 diagnostic machine, CD with software for all manufacturers, user manual, Neoprene Tester Case, cables, adapters and dongles.

key pro m8 package

Next, of course, you need to install the software. Firstly, plug both the power adapter and the USB cable to the key pro m8 multiplexer; secondly, press the “ON” button to turn on the machine, a window popup displaying “Found New Hardware”, then pause here to click My Computer- Computer Management-Device Manager-Universal Serial Bus Controllers-The Key Pro with a yellow exclamation mark in front (means the computer and key pro M8 doesn’t establish a good communication, I need to install the driver) ; Thirdly, continue the “Found New Hardware Steps” and complete the found new hardware Wizard steps; Finally come back to check “Universal Serial Bus Controllers “, you will found no a yellow exclamation mark in the front of “The Key Pro “. The installation procedure is very easy, I won’t share here.

key pro m8 package 300x242-1 key pro m8 01-2

During the installation, there are two points to note: 1) when you turn on the machine, and if it prompt “this version is too old, please update!” the solution is to click “OK” to update, it is easy to update, I share my steps:
A)Install the M8 key pro driver on your PC which can surf on internet, before update tokens or new software.
B)Double click ‘M8 Update Tool.exe’.it can automatically identify the Serial Number of your device and you just input Password.
C)click button ‘open update file’and load file ‘S1093B1102.m8’,then click button ‘download’ and it lasts about 10 minutes.
D)There have new software in this updata file:S1093B1102.m8.

key pro m8 02-3

2) If M8 can’t open when you use OBD adapter to connect? There are several card in the package, it needs to connect one card can M8 be opened; B card can’t be used to open the M8.

After installation, sit in the car, plug the OBD2 16pin cable to the car and M8, come back to M8 desktop, click the menu, and start to program new key or copy spare key, as the user manual list, M8 cover a large number of car models and the workable years depends on specific car models, according to my test result, THE KEY PRO can work with Nissan Maxima and Altima up to 2012 year and they have the same immobilizer system.

Most people care the pin code reading and required, I tested Key Pro M8 successfully read out pin code for Dodge, Audi A6; and failed to read for kia, Hyundai, FIAT.

If you need to get pin code for Nissan, you need additional pin code calculator, Nissan super code software for old Nissan, Nissan Pin Code Calculator for newer car. Some of people asked me how to calculate 2011 Nissan Cube Proximity with Nissan calculator? Firstly, read a code from BCM, then input this code (for example:123AC) into the blank box under Nissan Cal software “SuperCode” , then the pin code will display at right, as the following shows, 9028 is the pin code.

the key pro m8 03-4

So far, key pro M8 can work well according to my need, any more experience I will go on sharing. Wish my experience can do you some favor, if you like my experience; welcome you share it, if you have more points welcome you share with me.

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