What programmer works on CAS 1-3 all key lost

Question before entering:
Looking into “CAS” system, what china clone car key programmer works on CAS 1,2,3 all lost keys??
what chip is use to write the key style system ? Do you write key into the slot or read
the slot and clone the logic. Is there any slots that can not be written too,is the same
process used in proxy style key?

Tools recommend

1. BMW multi tool by Xhorse:
BMW multi tool work very good not all case lost all keys, but the price is very good…
White exist key in cas2, cas3, cas3+ via OBD and cas4 from dump…
BMW Multi tool by xhorse is verified able to add spare keys, can do all lost with no problem, ca work great with CAS3/CAS3+, CAS 4 for spare and all keys lost. And Chinese site are promotion encrypted CAS4+ programming. Can get multi tool update all the time.

Note: heard some scary story about BMW multi tool wiped out the data, the problem these guys have is there’s no backup if goes wrong.
Read more BMW Multi tool by Xhorse reviews from experienced customers at:

2. AK300 BMW CAS key programmer
I use an ak300+ and at today never failed me even on cas3+ – quote from XXX forum.
Verified by many users:
Support the BMW CAS, CAS2, CAS3, Automatic analysis CAS data
Support the horse CAS, CAS2, CAS3 BMW and BMW remote key.

User can do using AK300 key maker:
1). BMW CAS supports a diagnosis of communication directly through the OBD port or through the CAS BUS port security to read and write data EEPROM;
2) automatic analysis CAS data, automatically displays the BMW keys to use quantity; key tooth number; remote control frequency; CAS with the DME synchronization ID; keys scrapped the state, etc.;
3) Support key scrapped or restart using the old key; this technology unmatched global technology;
4) Support the rehabilitation of CAS computer (due to transfer table is damaged or programming lock);
5) supports the new 2002-2009 BMW CAS; CAS2; CAS3; CAS3+ 6 support the horse CAS; CAS 2; CAS 3; CAS 3 + BMW and BMW remote key;

3. Yanhua Digimaster 3:
For cas3+, very good working digimaster III via obd, done about 8-10 keys. Never down.
As known, digimaster 3 can program key for BMW and Mercedes Benz. In Digimaster (D3) user manual, it contains two parts, which is “4.3 Mercedes Benz Key Programming” and “4.4 BMW Key Programming”, browse and search at:

which will step – by – step show how to how to make key.

4. FVDI Abrites Commander:
I’ve done like 50 Keys using FVDI commander, never failed on any , all keys are Chinese , maximum process is about 3 minutes by OBD , last car I did X5 2010 a week ago – quote from digitalXXX forum.

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