SKP900 key programmer “CAN BE USED 0 Time” solution

Today one of our customer reflected that his SKP900 had the error reading “CAN BE USED 0 Time; ADD IT IN MAIN MENU; ADD TIMES FUNCTION” when started working on his car.


As for this SKP900 key programmer  error, the technical engineer of gives the following answer:

It is owing to the tokens has been already used up, so it can be back to normal use by adding enough tokens. Here share you how to add tokens for SKP-900.

How to add tokens for SKP900 Key Programmer: 

  1. You need to go to the official website: register and login, then click the “download” menu, download and install the program named “SKP-900_Add_Free_Tokens”.

skp900 eror-1

2.Connect SKP-900 to pc via USB cable, press “Add free tokens” button.

3. Open the activation software, then click”Scanning port“(Note: Every time you can add 100 TOKENS, you can add free tokens only your device has less than 10 tokens). 4. Then click “Activating”button to add free tokens.

skp900 eror 1-2

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