Benz MB EIS Test Platform Connection Guide

Mercedes Benz MB EIS Test Platform is the test equipment to fast check EIS and key working or not without connecting to vehicle.
MB EIS Test Platform features:
1. Protect EIS power
2. Built-in direction lock (W203,W210,W211,W209, W169) ELV function
3. No need to desolder the original Mercedes Benz direction lock, it is able to test by connecting
the EIS, insert into the authorized key to open EIS and check key and EIS working or not.
The connecting plug is durable and the selected EIS number won’t plug wrongly, therefore MB EIS test platform is very suitable for training material and as reference for repairman to fix EIS.


MB EIS Test form-1

MB EIS Test Platform can test the EIS for these Mercedes Benz models: W220, W215, W210,
W202, W208, W203, W211, W209, W169, W221, W164, W204 and W639, and separately it is
packed with the corresponding models’EIS testing plug, so it is very easy to use.

MB EIS Test form 2-2

Benz EIS Test Platform connection manual

1. W164, W221 Connection:

MB EIS Test form 3-3

2. W210 W208 W202 Connection:

w164 w221 connection 1-4

3. W209 W211 W169 Connection:
ww210 w208 connection-5

w209 w211 w169 connection 1-6

4. W639 W203 Connection:

w209 w211 w169 connection 2-7

w639 w203 connection 1-8

5. W204,W207 Connection, this one need connect with car’s ESL for test

w639 w203 connection 2-9

VVDI Benz MB BGA TOOL Key programmer

How to connect and use Benz MB EIS Test Platform

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