VVDI 2 failed to program VW Bora 2012 remote (fixed)

Here is the solution to Xhorse VVDI 2 commander key programmer failed to program VW Bora 2012 remote key problem.

One of VVDI2 users tried to program VW Bora 24C32 dash 2012 all key lost, all procedure goes well. Had backup the ABS code,but did not have change to use it. Get the key cut by 2IN1. Then hooked up with the VVDI2 key programmer to start programming for an hour,failed to program a new remote,even had all fault codes stored.

He than gave up and tried another Xtool X300+ Plus X300 Auto Key Programmer,it worked.

One machine cannot make all.If it does not work, try another.

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