Xhorse Condor XC-007 key cutting new feedback

Two years ago, I opened a shop specializing in cutting key for car owners, at that time, I have no much budget to spend on most expensive car key cutting machines, as known from my friends’ experience and others reviews in the forum, the best cutting machine is WEBSTAR, 994, A5 A7…, and the noble ones are WEBSTAR and 994, both of the two machines have a long history and work very stably, but it was early about $16666USD and it is now about $6666USD – $8333USD, so expensive that most peers prohibitive and can’t afford to them, except the big companies and 4S store with much budget. Besides, to replace the fittings is also very expensive,it will cost several hundreds of money to upgrade a fixture and dozens of money to replace guide pin or cutter. What about the Korean machine, it is less expensive about $1666USD to $5000USD; it is small and easy to take, but its accuracy deviation will significantly increase after cutting a large number of keys, plus it has no database for most cars.

Then I have to turn to the cheaper and workable machines, then I knew www.obdii365.com by chance and their engineers introduced me Xhorse iKeycutter Condor XC-007 master series key cutting machine, so far I use it for about 6 months, generally speaking it can satisfy my needs, I think the quality is proportional to the price, I hope more and more key cutting machines like Condor 007 are produced and its price will drop down.

			Xhorse Condor XC-007 key cutting new feedback

One more reason that make me more emotional to OBDII365 is their great passion, hard working and many times trial. Their engineer told me, they did a lot of work and many times’ trial before IKEYCUTTER starts to sell,at the beginning, the work is tough with many troubles, the hardware and the software is developed by themselves, within one month when they test, they designed and replaced 3 circuit boards, 2 fixtures, also once they found software errors and they will solve them quickly. Only they devote great passion and hard work can our customers use the good machine, I like the way they make light of the difficulties.

Condor XC-Mini key cutting machine

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