CN900 vs. CN900 Mini key programmer

CN900 vs. CN900 Mini key programmer
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CN900 Mini/ND900 Mini transponder key programmer is accept booking now. What’s difference between CN900 and Mini CN900 (ND900 vs. Mini ND900)


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  1. ND900 is the China version CN900 car key copy machine. They perform same functions, differ in outlook. (PS, they use different 4D, 46 cloner box when copy 4D/46 chip).  So Mini version CN900 is aboard version and mini nd900 is domestic version instead.
  2. CN900 mini inherited most of CN900’s feature but mini one make car key copy more easier without connecting with 4D,46,G Decoder Cloner Box.
  3. Mini CN900 comes with built-in battery, do not need to attached to the power adapter.
  4. CN900 Mini support WiFi,Bluetooth and internet connection. The big size one do not support.
  5. CN900/ND900 Mini will replace big CN900 in the near feature.



  1. Quiero saber como funciona cn 900 quiero aprender tengo uno lo compre en arequipa peru ni ellos me dieron la capacitacion por favor enceñenme

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