Program Mercedes W220 key with CKM100 Car Key Master

It’s a key programming step-by-step operation shared by a customer who has managed to program key for Mercedes-Benz W220 with CKM100 Car Key Master.



Unsolder the ignition module EIS

When ignition module is unsoldered, mark the two CPU chip on the circuited board with signs “1” “2”, to avoid confusion

Use the air gun to blow then down

Then weld chip “1” and “2” to the two MC68HC705-64 board correctly


Board after welding


Program stalls controller ESM



Find the 93C56 chip on the circuit board

Solder it to the OBP adapter correctly

Then process the key

Disassemble the MOTOROLA key

Remove the chip from the circuit board and solder it on MC705F6 adapter board

Disassemble NEC key in the same way

Remove the chip from the circuit board and solder it correctly



For Mercedes Benz, Car key master CKM-100 key programmer also work well with the following models:

Benz S CLASS (W140 W220)

Benz CL CLASS (W215)

Benz SL CLASS (R230)

Benz E CLASS (W210 W211)

Benz CLK CLASS (R230)

Benz CLS CLASS (W219)

Benz C CLASS (W202 W203)

Benz ML CLASS (W163)



Technical support How to program Mercedes W220 key with CKM100 by .

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