Benz Key Programmer, VVDI BGA, Simon Touch or Legend

A Mercedes key programming learner’s question:

“I’m looking for a good device that can program keys for Mercedes cars.

I heard that VVDI MB BGA tool very good is but must pay for each password calculation.

How about Simon Touch Full is it good?

Witch tool is more worth the money?”


			Benz Key Programmer, VVDI BGA, Simon Touch or Legend


			Benz Key Programmer, VVDI BGA, Simon Touch or Legend

Answers from some experienced locksmith:

VVDI MB Tool can add key if car is having BGA key, simon tool can not.
VVDI can erase used EIS if you know password, simon tool cannot
VVDI can copy old EIS and write to new one, simon tool can not
VVDI can do keyless go key, simon are working on it

VVDI MB ONLY BGA key On line calculation need tokens,other not need tokens,nec key not need tokens.!

VVDI Benz will free upgrade.

simon tool can repair a block ESL nec, VVDI can not
simon tool don’t need token, VVDI require token
simon tool can renew key NEC without soldering, VVDI need solder
simon tool can do odometer for 2010 to 2013, VVDI not doing
simon tool can read motorola EIS password through IR, VVDI not support

SIMON and Legend not good because not have any support ,
They are not company, they are personal , not have Commitment to our Customers
They are only seller .
They only know money money money ….

I see a lot of people saying that Simon Touch equipment and service are bad though most of the people saying this don’t even own the equipment. I used to use MBE and it worked good, though I was annoyed when they brought out an update that stopped you being able to programming Chinese keys, if that isn’t about money what is.
Anyway some equipment was stolen a while ago and so I made a move to Simon Touch and as far as key programming goes it is 100%, it programs all after market keys, repairs radio byte and can disable keys through IR etc.
With regards support I had an issue with reading passwords from NEC and so I had Simon Touch on team viewer who flashed the STMT device which didn’t work so they sent a new STMT device out which arrived a week later and all has been good since then.

For the W204 there is almost no BETTER tool.
The main problem on anny tool is unlocking the fatal error, sometimes take 5 minuts to try, sometimes take 8 hours and at the end dont unlock.

VVDI MB can unlock the fatar error and program the esl to EZS without a problem.

About the prices, i dont remember now but Simon touch i a little bit more expansive than VVDI..

We have VVDI on our shop and we are very very happy with Xhorse Company.

And now, on the market vvdi kills it. With price/performance. SO now to buy diagspeed would be stupid since you can combine 2 or 3 tools and can to the same with less money. The benz key market has changed drasticly over the last 2 years.. till now who made money made it.. with vvdi prices on tools its killing the market cause its much more affordable to do keys and repairs so prices are dropping everyday


Comparing to what Xhorse has done with Benz in less then 6 months no other tool has done it in years.
You can not compare Simon Touch with VVDI. Why ? Because ST wont get update anymore , while VVDI is always updating and more functions.
1st No other Tool in the market at this moment cz calculate BGA password within less then 10 minutes. ST can not
2nd Renewing W204 without opening it in less then 2 minutes and activate it with EIS in other 2 min all BY OBD , ST can not do it that fast and that easy
3rd FBS3 2010 all key lost key programming as well in 10 minutes. YES you need 2 tokens, but you are getting paid for it x 10 if not more.
4th ECU , ISM , Gear Renew free no token in 10 minutes, ST can not.
now u will say ST can renew dead ELV NEC , well guess wt so will VVDI soon, and more surprises are coming in the next update, why i trust them they will ? Cause so far everything they said they will they are doing it
plus did i mention that u can renew and program Keyless GO?
By the way at this moment there is any other tool in market can do whatt VVDI can for the money you are paying. 2k comparing to 7 or 8k for other tools that did half what vvdi benz mb bga key programmer can do now.

VVDI BGA NEC adapter 

VVDI Benz BGA Token

EIS/ELV Test Line for VVDI Benz

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