FMPC001 Ford/Mazda Incode Calculator update to V1.6

FMPC001 Ford/Mazda Incode Calculator is a hand-held calculate incode outcode for Ford and Mazda, support 6 digit outcode transfer to 4 digit. FMPC001 is easy to use,and support online updating,now its newest version is V1.6.

1.FMPC001 FORD/MAZDA INCODE Calculator V1.6
Update it to V1.6, no need tokens anymore
Make sure there is at least 1 token in your machine before updating !
Download Link:

			FMPC001 Ford/Mazda Incode Calculator update to V1.6

2.How to update FMPC001?

1.Extract V1.6 Update file.(Please contact customer service to get this file)

2.Change the “FMPC Update V1.6″ name to “FMPC Update V1.6.bin” .

3.Connect FMPC001 device with computer,search the driver from “Driver” folder in the Update files.

4.Check whether the device driver installed well,whether can be recognised by computer in task managment.

5.Start FMPC DFU V1.1.exe,find the device, click update device,then choose “FMPC Update V1.6.bin” file.

6.Update successfully.

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