How to read remote key frequency with CK200 CK-200

CK-200 CK200  Key Programmer Newest Generation v40.07 can read frequency of the remote keys. If you want to use Extend features, CK200 need to connect with FRID box and vehicle (shown picture below)


How to Use CK200 to Read Frequency of Remote Key?

1) connect CK200 to FRID unit, and then start your CK-200.

2) enter the main menu, choose the “Extend”

3) then choose the “Special Features”

ck200 connection display extend1-1

ck200 auto key programmer blog 2-2

4) Choose the ” Remote Frequency Measuremen”

ck200 auto key programmer blog 3-3

5) then you can put your key on the FRID unit to read the frequency.

ck200 auto key programmer blog 4-4

CK100 Auto key programmer

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