OBDSTAR X100 Pro change Mercedes ML350 mileage

OBDSTAR X100 Pro change Mercedes ML350 mileage
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Here is the DIY instruction on Mercedes-Benz ML S350 2011 year odometer correction by using OBDSTAR X100 Pro auto key programmer.



Note: The blue case X300 Pro key programmer is the domestic X100 Pro which adds some Chinese car models. They perform same functions. And OBDSTAR X-100 Pro have several configurations, if you need to adjust mileage,make sure you get the correct package.

SK164: X100 PRO C+D Type: Immobilizer + Odometer + OBD functiion

SK164-B: X-100 PRO C Type for IMMO + OBD Function

SK164-C: X100 PRO D Type for Odometer + OBD Function



Odometer correction procedure:

current mileage: 103744 km


connect obdstar x100 to the car

turn ignition on

make the x-100 pro start


X 300 PRO 20111-1

X 300 PRO 2011 2-2

X 300 PRO 2011 3-3

X 300 PRO 2011 4-4



select ML-> S164

X 300 PRO 2011 5-5

X 300 PRO 2011 8-6

input the mileage of the adjustment: 131030

X 300 PRO 2011 9-7

X 300 PRO 2011 10-8


calibration is successful

disconnect the insurance, on the insurance-after 5 s(seconds)!

X 300 PRO 2011 11-9

X 300 PRO 2011 13-10

X 300 PRO 2011 14-11

X 300 PRO 2011 15-12

now, the corrected mileage: 131008 km

X 300 PRO 2011 16-13

Mercedes ML350 odometer correction succeed.

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