VPC100 PIN Code Calculator Web Calculate Error

VPC100 PIN Code Calculator Web Calculate Error
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I tried to calculate Hyundai pin code with VPC-100 hand-held pin code calculator, but it gave me error:

“Note:web calculate! this function need calculate on the web model.

web mode: www.vpc100.com”


Then I¬†went to the official website to calculate pin code, it still showed”Calculate error”

vpc100 web calculate 1-1

Possible reason:

VPC100 does not support calculate pin code for this car (model is too new).

VPC-100 will calculate Hyundai pin code till 2010 on web mode. And make sure you have tokens when calculate pin code online.

vpc100 web calculate error 2-2

Please check the VPC-100 support models before buying the calculator.

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