Mercedes AK500 Pro and AK500+ what worked

Here are some locksmith review on Mercedes Benz key programmer AK500 pro and AK500+.

Mercedes AK500 Pro key programmer:

I have ak500pro for a few years already.

What it does:
-read 912/908 mcus (like ak500+ or r270)
-read 705 mcu with socket (like ak500+)
-read hc05 mcu from old motorola keys (like ak500+, upa, xprog..)
-read key info by IR + write key by IR (like some other MB ir programmer)
-read nec info + erase nec + write nec on socket (like ak500+ or other mb nec programmer)
-has skc built-in in the hardware (like a skc dongle)
-read eeprom/write eeprom/unlock/renew all motorola ESL, 32gb database built-in in the
hardware (like avdi but you don’t need to download the 32gb database and believe ak500+ can do
this aswell)
-has esl plugs + wires + diagrams ready to test EIS+ESL+Key system on bench (with
diagram/pinout and a bunch of cables..)
-read eeprom/write eeprom/renew SBC by obd 16 port (there are other tools, cba to write them..

If you buy the ak500+ (plus! not normal, and with skc dongle) is much cheaper and covers these features almost completely.

			Mercedes AK500 Pro and AK500+ what worked

AK500+ key programmer:

AK500 is excellent for renew – just desolder NEC, put on dedicated socket and use the software properly. It’s nothing special. Works better than AVDI.
Click on “Benz IR Keymaker”>”New IR Key”>jump to Step4>choose “Socket”>click “Fast Renew”>wait until ready and then write whatever you want to.

By the way, to make keys you need an SKC calculator. .

			Mercedes AK500 Pro and AK500+ what worked


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