SKP900 Program New Key for Ford Mustang 2014

SKP900 Program New Key for Ford Mustang 2014
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Here is the tutorial on Ford Mustang 2014 year key programming by using original SuperOBD SKP900 hand-held OBD2 key programmer.  


Step-by-step procedure:

Step 1: Connect SKP900 Key Programmer to the car via OBD diagnostic socket, and turn it on, enter” SYSTEM SELECTION” and choose” IMMOBILIZER SYSTEM”


Step 2: Insert the car key into keyhole, and turn ignition to the position “ON”, skp-900 will prompt to choose OBDII adpater, just click “Yes” to continue.  communicating pls wait…


Step 3: Select “DELETE KEY” when enters into “FUNCTION SELECTION”

interface. Choose “Yes” to continue.


Prepare minimum 2 keys to perform deletion.

step3 1-3

Step 4: Current number of keys:2. And click ”Yes” again to continue.

Note: The procedure takes approx 10 mins.

step3 2-4

Step 5: Then skp900 pops out the message “INSRT THE 1ST KEY,TURN IGN ON AND WAIT FOR 5 MIN”. Current number of keys: 2.. Press “YES” to finish this step.



Step 6Orderly insert next keys. Turn IGN on and wait for 5 minutes.

 step5 2-7

Step 7: Click ”No” to finish all procedure and go back to the main interface. Finally, try to test new programmed keys.


Unplug skp-900 key programmer from vehicle.

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