How to Register and Update OBDSTAR Tools

Original OBDSTAR Tools (OBDSTAR X100 Pro,X300 Pro3 Key Master,F-100,F108,VAG-PRO etc) software can be updated online. All OBDSTAR products share the same registration and upgrade procedure. Check step-by-step below.

How to register OBDSTAR Tools?
1. Power on the OBDSTAR device

2.Go to “ABOUT” and press “ENTER”
register obdstar tool 1-1
3. Check the device information (Serial Number, register password etc)
register obdstar tool 2-2
4.How to tell original OBDSTAR Tools from clone? You can press “F1” and “F2” buttons at the same time, the device will show a secret number. Send the number to factory or authorized dealer to confirm your device is real or fake.
register obdstar tool 3-3
5.Go to OBDSTAR official website to register
Enter user information and sign in.
register obdstar tool 4-4

6. Enter product serial number & register password got from Step 4.
Enter the distributor code/dealer code software show you.

register obdstar tool 5-5
Finally, click”Next step” and type your own information.
How to Update OBDSTAR Tools?
1. First register and login official website follow above procedure.

register obdstar tool 6-6

2. Select “DownCenter” menu

update obdstar tool 1-7
3. Download the obdstar update tool

update obdstar tool 2-8

4.Upzip and install update tool
update obdstar tool 3-9

5.Select software you need to update and download in bulk

update obdstar tool 4-10
6.You need to unzip these 2 files shown is picture below:
update obdstar tool 6-11
7. Update in progress

update obdstar tool 7-12


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