How to Program Ford Ranger 2013 TP33 (6E) Remote Key

Here is a little tutorial on programming TP33 (6E) key for Ford Ranger 2013 by KD900 remote generator and OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 Key Master key programmer.



Customer have only valet key

Generate remote by KD900 remote maker and insert chip 6E

Manually program key by OBDSTAR Key Master

Choose Mazda not Ford

Select Mazda BT50



Select Program Keys

If OBDSTAR Key Master prompt

“If all keys lost, need at least 2 keys to complete key programming”

Press Enter to continue


Security light flashes cause this key have not been programmed

Insert the key to be programmed and turn the ignition switch ,press ENTER to continue

Now have 2 keys

Service light off

After add new key now we have 3 keys

Adding key can start

Unplug OBDSTAR Key Master key programmer. Test the new key.

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