Auto Key Programmer Clone T300 vs. SBB vs. MVP

Question: Can anyone tell me what they thinks better out of the T300 and SBB key programmer? I would be buying a clone of them .


Locksmith opinion:

The SBB is a clone of the TKO (Transponder Key Originater) by Silca and Kabba Ilco. It should be much more user friendly because you don’t have to look at charts for the type of ecu. you look up the makes and models of the car and it walks you through it. The T300 key programmer is a clone of the T-Code made by Advanced Diagnostics. The word is that Advance Diagnostics is ahead in the technology race with Silca and usually come out with teir updates first. Silca are the Italians and AD are the UK. The latest T-Code and MVP Pro out look a lot like the SBB now. You should consider a choice between the MVP Pro and the SBB. I am going to get both because in my opinion the T300 is phasing out like Kabba Ilcos old SDD machine.



SBB does look better but its not been out that long as a clone where the T300 has. Will cover many more models you say, and toens for the SBB thats not sounding to good to me.



i’ve got T300 clone. works fine. the problem that is clone and new models can’t do it. or you have to update, or buy new model.



Get both of them. What the t300 cant do the sbb will do. I like the sbb because it more user friendly and don’t need pin codes for most newer chryslers.



You can buy MVP is good tool i think cover more car then t300 and the price is almost the same ( for the clone ).



buy both T300 will work great on some cars but will ask for incodes and outcodes. While SBB will work with out this.
Both are cheap tools you can buy both and pay them with you 2 first jobs!



i have sbb ver 28 clone. it works great on rover 5as system, and works on fords up to 2003 without any coded, also reads vag pin codes perfectly!



Will cover MANY more models. Both are cheap why not buy them both?

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