SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine Cut Toyota Camry Key via Key Code

SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine Cut Toyota Camry Key via Key Code
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The Miracle A9 clone version- SEC-E9 key cutting machine is released recently but works perfect? Today, technicians working for test the SEC-E9 portable laser key cutter to cut a new key.


Key to: Toyota Camry

Steps: search codes- cut the key


How to search codes with the instacode

this is the Toyota key code plate

open the instacode software

input the key code of the plate into the “Code”

select the manufaturer and model as Toyota and Camry to the car key accoding to the car key

press enter

double click on the top display shown on the instacode

the searched key biting number will be displayed

How to cut a key using the SEC-E9 machine

Turn on the SEC-E9 key cutting machine

press “Automobile”

select Toyota


20016~ [10]

press “Input”

input the key biting number searched from instacode and press OK

fix a new key blank on the automobile key clamp (#1 clamo)

press “Cut” and adjsut parameter on the next page

press “Cut” to start cutting (close the safe guard)

cutting is done

open the safe guard and clear chippings on the clamp

use the new key to open the lock to check if it works.

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