Procedure to Add Spare Key on Audi A6 by VVDI2 via OBD


Just had a client with the Audi A6 which has the Kessy exactly as Q7. Need to add spare key. It uses the 8E transponder. I read kessy by OBD and got CS + Pin.
I then went to key learn and pressed make key and loaded Kessy dump. It said key make okay now program key. I entered pin and typed 2 as key number and then it showed a dialoge asking for CS and pin or load eeprom dump. I loaded dump to VVDI2 key programmer and pressed next and then it said insert every key…………. Now it wouldn’t recognize key 1 or key 2. Now ignition wouldn’t come on anymore with original key as well. Found a procedure of pressing brakes and hazards on and whatever and then tried again but this type manually typed in PIN and CS and pressed only 1 key and then used the original key and then ignition came on and it recognized original key……

I tried another transponder and same problem. So what exactly is the issue? Why doesn’t it want to recognize the new chip?

I only thought about it afterwards….. Could the key number in the learning box actually be key POSITION and not key QUANTITY. Normally it is QUANTITY but as some AUDI has with remotes where the number is actually POSITION and not Quantity. Could this be the same with Transponder? Or is there some other way of making it work.

Possible cause:

You are doing wrong! Read the manual carefully and do it right!

This is generally the procedure to make a spare key for this car.

VVDI2 -> Key Learn -> 4th Immobiliser System Audi -> A6L / Q7/ EZS-Kessy (JB18)

Read note: Most cars before 2009 use 9S12DT128 chip and cars after 2009 use 9S12DT(G)256
Choose appropriate chip above -> Read J518 EEPROM with Working Key -> Write down CS and Pin on a piece of paper -> Save EEPROM

Type CS and Pin into VVDI 2 -> Type “2” for Number of keys to learn -> Insert 8E chip into VVDI 2 ->Select Make Dealer Key -> Select Key Learning

Insert dealer key into car and switch on for 2 seconds. Then put second key into ignition within 5 seconds. Then press okay after keys are learned.

Please follow VVDI 2 detail guide step-by-step!!!

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