How to Program Fiat Siena ID48 Chip Key by SKP1000 via OBD

How to Program Fiat Siena ID48 Chip Key by SKP1000 via OBD
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Older Fiat Siena or Palio required to remove ECU or write key to start to make new key. Here is revolutionary solution on getting Fiat ECU ISO code and programming special ID48 chip key by using SKP1000 key programmer via OBD directly. SKP1000 tablet=SKP900+ Lonsdor CI600 Plus.

Step 1: Read ECU ISO code (security pin code)

Select car brand: Fiat

Select read iso code
Select Electronic immobilizer system
Select read iso code
After read ecu iso code success, disconnect the battery.
If read iso code failed,please disconnect the battery and try again
(Anyway, disconnect the battery)
SKP-1000 read Fiat info and fiat iso code
Press YES to continue
Check if you have a working key
If yes, Press YES button to continue
Turn ignition to ON position
Turn ignition to OFF position
Turn Ignition ON
Read iso code success
manually enter 5-digit iso code
SKP1000 will read the immo data, please write download the numbers (will be used to generate chip)

Step 2. Generate Fiat special ID48 chip

Select Fiat common chip to generate special chip

select generate Fiat ID48 special dealer key
Insert the immo adapter into the SKP1000 car key programmer, select Special function and select Generate Fiat chip
Insert the blank ID48 chip into the coil of the adapter
Manually enter 24-digit immo code (read previously)
Enter 24-digit code marked red
confirm the entered digits

Step 3: Program chip key

select Program key

Select Siena key programming,
SKP1000 will also program key for Fiat 500, Boyue,Palio,Leap,viaggio and Perla
Select Electronic immobilizer system
Select OBDII connector
turn ignition to ON position
select Program key
Key without programming cannot be used
Press YES to continue
enter 5 digits iso code
continue to program more keys
Press YES to continue
please change next key
If the dashboard indicator goes off, program success.
Disconnect SKP 1000 and test the new key.

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