Mercedes Key Programmer: VVDI MB vs. Diagspeed vs. AVDI

Question before entering:
we know these tools (Diagspeed, AVDI and VVDI MB) can do 204 lost key but which one is better / more reliable? And support?


Locksmith experiences and suggestions:


VVDI MB Tool can do W204 all key lost yet too..
i think via latest video is real reading right pass, no any change eis dump

check post:

VVDI MB BGA W204 all keys lost and token feedback



AVDI just needs to connect to Kline on EIS EZS & easiest way to do is get extra wire from Kline
at ESL connector to pin 7 OBD,no adapter necessary



Diagspeed MB Key OBD2 and AVDI are on the top now for MB key , but some gaps :

AVDI cannot read pass from BE key also cannot repair ELV fatal ,but his the best for gearbox and ecu renew ,programming and coding , and you can do all keys lost on w204 without need to have the ezs on bench .
Diagspeed is one of the best ,can repair ELV fatal error and read pass from BE keys and have many other functions.
AVDI can’t read ROM51 password from key.
AVDI kills radio bytes in key (as it has for the last 2 years).
AVDI makes your use their own keys or original Mercedes keys, can’t use BE keys.
AVDI will not display password so you can program keys using other tools.
AVDI only calculates 1 key at a time, no option for all keys.
AVDI does not let you save the keys for later use.

In short, if you want something for keys, buy a VVDI MB BGA Tool.


Just done 2x W204 lost keys with Diagspeed….

35 mins to read, 10 minutes for password from server..
Diagspeed can do W204 also W207 next challenge Roy going after W164 and W221

Application list is better on Avdi, it can do more, esl stuff, gearbox, ecu etc. The down side is the price is expensive.
VVDI Mercedes is prob better value for money for someone starting off.


Hope that helps.

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