How to use CGDI Prog to Program BMW CAS3+ Key by OBD

How to use CGDI Prog to Program BMW CAS3+ Key by OBD
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Here is the little tutorial on programming BMW CAS3+ system key by using CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 key programmer via OBD.


Video Guide:


Connect CGDI Prog one end with laptop and the other Blue adapter with OBD socket

The right indicator on CGDI pro turns on indicates that well communication between device and laptop is built

Insert key into ignition

Open CGDI software on desktop

Turn ignition on

Select BMW CAS OBD Macth

CGDI Prog key programmer will detect vehicle information, VIN, CAS, number, CAS version, remote frequency, key number etc

check connection stratus on the bottom

select Read key info

The left indicator on CGDI programmer flashes

Please remove the key from the ignition

Reading key data success

the car has 2 remote keys

Save eeprom data

select a key position unused: Key7

click on Generate dealer key

CAS3 encryption version macthing key need to enter the engine ISN, please choose to
obtain ISN code

select first option: Read Working Key, Place the key into the CGDI programmer coil

try to insert the key 16 or 84, press Next

Whether the currently programmed key is a smart key, select NO

place the blank key into the CGDI Prog BMW key programmer coil

the key is being programmed

Programming key success

Learn key and program remote
Place the working key into the card slot
Press on Start buttton

Dashboard indicators turn on
Remove the working key

Insert the new key into slot
press on the Start button

dashboard indicator turns on

Test the remote


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