CGDI Prog MB W166 W211 A166 All Key Lost (Manual)

How to use CGDI Prog MB key programmer for Mercedes all key lost? CGDI Prog MB manual here you go.


CGDI MB W166 all key lost

CGDI MB W211 all key lost

CGDI MB A166 all key lost



CGDI Prog MB W166 all key lost

select Lock (EIS)

click on Read EIS data

select Compute password

select Copy key without key

click on Collect data

prepare to collect data. pls. don’t move:

  1. waiting to read the lock data
  2. insert the simulation key into the lock
  3. start collecting it will take a long time; do not disconnect the CGDI-MB device
  4. collection completes. pls. save data, then click on Update data

follow CGDI-MB software instruction

collecting data

data acquisition success. save data

Update data

open data you just saved

update data successfully

Query password

Query end

display password, Copy

select enter

paste password

CGDI Prog MB Mercedes W211 all key lost

CGDI Prog MB A166 all key lost


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