OBDSTAR X300 DP Adds VAG NEC+24C64, PSA MB cluster calibration, BMW FEM/BDC

OBDSTAR tools (OBDSTAR X300 DP and OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 key master) released new software upgrade IMMO + Cluster Calibration + Pincode Reading + Pincode Free programming via OBD via OBD. The new upgrade adds many functions, i.e key programming VW/Audi NEC 24C64,  newer Ford, BMW FEM/BDC, Peugeot, Citroen, Mercedes cluster calibration etc.



VW (NEC+24C64) 2014.6-

Audi (NEC+24C64) 2014.6-

Seat (NEC+24C64) 2014.6-

Skoda (NEC+24C64) 2014.6-



Program key without pin code

New Mondeo/Edge/Taurus/Mustang/F150 2015- models

Egde  2016+

F150 2015

Galaxy 2015+

Mondeo 2015+

Mustang 2015+

Ranger 2016+



Cluster calibration

All keys lost pin code reading



47 chip Pin code reading



Cluster calibration for W205/W222 (blocker needed)



BMW FEM/BDC Immo key programming


Pls provide you device serial number to customer service to activate these features. 

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