How to Change Fiat 500 2013 Mileage with OBDSTAR Key Master

I have managed to change mileage on a Fiat 500 year 2013 successfully using OBDSTAR X300 Pro3key programmer (same as green color OBDSTAR key master) by OBD.



Original Odometer: 74407 KM

Fiat 500 2013 Odometer Correction Procedure:


Connect X300 pro3 host with vehicle via diagnostic socket

Select Vehicles->Mileage Adjustment->Fiat->Fiat V30.64

Loading bin and initializing…

Then choose Fiat 500 model

OBDSTAR key Master is able to change mileage for Fiat, Albea, Brava, Bravo,Croma,Doblo, Ducato,Grande punto,Idea, Linea, Marelli (Auto) and others models as well.


X300 pro3 read the current mileage: 74407 KM is exactly the same as mileage displayed on dashboard.

Press ENTER button to continue

Key master tablet will ask to enter mileage you desired

Customer required to lower odometer to 59861KM

Fiat 500 mileage correction completed.


How to Change Fiat 500 2013 Mileage with OBDSTAR X300 Pro3

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