OBDSTAR X300 DP Updated BMW FEM BDC Key Programming for FREE

Good news to OBDSTAR X300 DP (key master DP) tablet key programmer users, free update BMW FEM/BDC key programming.

X300 DP BMW FEM/BDC Key Programming

1.Key Programming
●Key Information
●Key Programming Preprocessing
Step 1: Code data backup
Step 2: EEPROM Original Data Backup
Step3: Service Mode Data Generation
Step 4:Service Mode Writing
Step 5: FEM/BDC Module Programming
Step 6: EEPROM Original Data Recovering
Step 7: Code Data Recovering
●Key Adding
●Key Delecting
●Function Introduction
● Operation Guide

2. Other Function
● Key enable
● Key disable
● Key status
●Key frequency
●INS reading
●DTC reading
●DTC delecting

OBDSTAR X30 DP BMW FEM/BDC key Programming Supported list:
Series   Chassis   Year
1 F20/F21 2011-2017
2 F22/F23/F45/F46 2014-2017
3/GT F34/F35 2012-2017
4 F30/F31/F32/F33/F36 2014-2017
X5 F15 2014-2017
X6 F16 2014-2017

Note: Both OBDSTAR X300 DP full and standard version can update this function for free.  OBDSTAR X300 Pro3/key master cannot.

			OBDSTAR X300 DP Updated BMW FEM BDC Key Programming for FREE

OBDSTAR Upgrade Announcement of December (2018-01-05)

New Adding:

IMMO added Russian language.

IMMO added Bentley Mucha 6.8L smart key programming (only for Key Master and Key Master DP).

Diagnosis first added BMW, Rolls-Royce, MINI software (only for Key Master DP).

BMW added the car list:

1 series  E81、E82、E87、E88、F20、F21

4series  F32、F33、F36、F82、F83

5series  E28、E34、E39、E60、E61、GT_F07、F10、F11、F18

3series  Z1_E30、Z3_E36、E46、E90、E91、E92、E93、F30、F31、F34、F35、F80

2series  F22、F23、F45、F46、F87

6series  E24、E63、E64、F06、F12、F13

7series  E23、E32、E38、E65、E66、E68、F01、F02、F03、F04、G11、G12

8series  E31

I series  I01、I12

X1series  E84、F48、F49

X3series  E83、F25

X4series  F26

X5series  E53、E70、F15、F85

X6series  E71、E72、F16、F86

Z1series  Z1_E30

Z3series  Z3_E36

Z4series  Z4_E85、Z4_E86、Z4_E89

Z8series  Z8_E52

MINI added the car list:

MINI R50、R52、R53、R55、R56、R57、R58、R59、R60、R61、F54、F55、F56、F57

Brilliance Bmw added the car list:

2 series F45、F46

3 series E46、E90、E91、E92、E93、F30、F31、F34、F35、F80

5series E60、E61、GT_F07、F10、F11、F18

X1series E84、F48、F49

Rolls-Royce added the car list: 

Rolls-Royce RR1、RR2、RR3、RR4、RR5


1. Toyota:

Added smart key system Type 4(H)

Added American standard G chip all keys lost

Added American standard H chip all keys lost


Added 12-digit pincode calculator

Added 2017 X-Trail smart key system

3. Mitsubishi:

Added Pajero 2010- non-smart key programming

Added remote control key programming Type 9

Added Asia Lancer EX key programming

4. GM:

Added Buick Excelle (Hideo) 2017- smart key programming

Added Buick Regal 2017- smart key programming

Added Chevrolet Cruze 2017- smart key programming

Added Chevrolet Equinox (Explorer) 2017- smart key programming

5. Mercedes-Benz:

Added Mercedes-Benz E-series 213(2017) tailgate control system

Added Mercedes-Benz S-series 221 tailgate control system

6. Opel:

Added Opel Antara IMMO system

Added Opel Astra-F/Astra-J IMMO system

Added Opel Corsa-E IMMO system

Added Opel Meriva-A/Meriva-B IMMO system

Added Opel Mokka IMMO system

Added Opel Vivaro IMMO system

Added Opel Zafira-A IMMO system

7. Mazda:

Added Mazda MX-5 2017- smart key programming

8. Fiat:

Added Fiat 124 Spyder smart key system

9. Mitsubishi:

Added Mirage 2013 smart key programming (all keys lost)

Cluster Calibrate:

1. Hyundai added:

Accent: 2018 D70F3536

Caeta: D70F3536

GENESIS: 2015 D70F3536

2. KIA added:

Rio: 2017 D70F3423

Sorento: D70F3526

SOUL: 2017 D70F3536

SPORTAGE GT: 2016 D70F3526+25160

3. Chrysler added:

Patriot 2014-

4. VW added:


VW GOLF 7 NEC35XX(MQB) 2014.06-

VW PASSAT B8 NEC35XX(MQB) 2014.06-

VW POLO NEC35XX(MQB) 2014.06-



Skoda FABIA NEC35XX(MQB) 2014.06-

Skoda OCTAVIA NEC35XX(MQB) 2014.06-

Skoda RAPID NEC35XX(MQB) 2014.06-

Skoda SUPERB NEC35XX(MQB) 2014.06-

Seat IBIZA NEC35XX(MQB) 2014.06-

Seat LEON NEC35XX(MQB) 2014.06-

Seat TOLEDO NEC35XX(MQB) 2014.06-

Audi A3 NEC35XX(MQB) 2014.06-

Audi Q2 NEC35XX(MQB) 2014.06-

Special Function:

TPMS diagnosis system function added :

Buick/Cadillac/Chevrolet/Alfa Romeo/Peugeot/Fiat/Citroen/Jaguar/Land Rover

Oil/Service Reset Function Added:

1. Ferrari

Automatic Reset: 599 GTO F141 GTO

2. Hyundai

Automatic Reset: Genesis DH(2014-2015), i10(IA)(2014-2015), i20(GB)(2015), i20(IB)(2015), Sonata LF(2015)

Manual Reset: Mistra


Automatic Reset:

Cadenza(VG)(2013-2015),  Carens/Rondo(RP)(2014-2015),  Cerato/Forte(YD)(2013-2015)

Quoris(KH)(2013-2015),  Soul EV(PS EV)(2015),  Soul(PS)(2014-2015)

4. Toyota

Manual Reset:

4Runner(2003,2014),  Avalon(2006-2007),  Camry Hybrid(2006-2009),  Highlander(2012-2014),

Matrix(2004), Previa(1991-1997),  Prius(2001-2009),  Prius(Generation 2 XW20)(2003-2008),

Prius(Generation 3 XW20)(2009-2013),  Rav4(Generation 3 XA30)(2009-2013),  Sequoia(2001-2003), Sienna(1998-2003), Solara(2006-2008), Solara(Generation 2)(2004-2008), Tacoma 2(2004-2014),

Tundra 2(2005-2014), Venza(2008-2013), Yaris(2009-2010,2011-2013), other areas(North America,Others)

5. Geely

Automatic Reset: KC-1,GS。

Manual Reset: Emgrand GL。

6. Chery

Automatic Reset: MC22

7. Roewe

Automatic Reset: new 550, new 550 hybrid power, new 750, new 750 hybrid power, eRX5

8. MG

Automatic Reset: GT(1.5/1.4L)


Manual Reset:

Edge(2013(2.0T)), ESCAPE(2005-2007, 2010), Explorer Sport trac(1999-2001,2002-2003,2004-2005,2006-2007), Fiesta(2003,2004-2010,2012)

Focus, Maverick(2009-2013), MONDEO(Ohter), New MONDE0(2014), Taurus(2008-2010)


Manual Reset:

viator(2002-2005), LS(2000,2001-2005), MKS(2009-2010,2011,2012), MKT(2009,2010-2011,2012), MKZ(2012), MKZ HYBIRD(2011-2012), Navigator(2011-2012)

Navigator L(2007-2012), Town Car(2003-2005,2011)

11. Mercury

Manual Reset:

Grand Marquis(2006-2011), Mariner(2005-2007,2008-2011), Mark VIII(1993-1998), Milan(2010-2011), Montego(2005-2007), Monterey(2004-2007), Mountaineer(2005,2006-2007,2008-2010), Sable(2003-2005,2008-2009)

12. Mercedes-Benz

Automatic Reset:

(1). CLC-chassis

(2). E-chassis(CLASS):238, 213

(3). V series: Vaneo 414, SPRINTER II, 690.6(OBDII), New VITO/V class(447/448)

13. MINI

Automatic Reset: F54, F57


Automatic Reset: H9(China)

15. Land Rover

Automatic Reset:

(1).Discovery 3:Normally aspirated V6, Normally aspirated V8, Diesel V6

(2).Discovery 4:

2010-2011:Normally aspirated V6, Normally aspirated V8 5.0L, Diesel V6 2.7L, Diesel V6 3.0L

2012-2013:Normally aspirated V8 5.0L, Diesel V6 2.7L, Diesel V6 3.0L

2014-2016:Diesel V6 3.0L, Supercharged V6 3.0L

(3).Discovery Sport:

2015-2016:Diesel I4 2.2L, Diesel I4 2.0L, GIDI 2.0L

(4).New Range Rover

2013:Diesel V8 4.4L, Diesel V6 3.0L, Normally aspirated V8 5.0L, Supercharged V8 5.0L

2014-2015:Diesel V8 4.4L, Diesel V6 3.0L, Normally aspirated V8 5.0L, Supercharged V8 5.0L, Supercharged V6 3.0L, Hybrid 3.0L, Petrol GTDi 2.0L

2016:Diesel V8 4.4L, Diesel V6 3.0L, Normally aspirated V8 5.0L, Supercharged V8 5.0L, Supercharged V6 3.0L, Hybrid 3.0L, Petrol GTDi 2.0L

(5).Range Rover

Evoque Convertible, Diesel I4 2.2L(2016), Petrol GTDI 2.0L(2016), Diesel I4 2.0L(2016)

16. Volvo

Automatic Reset: S90(2017-), S90L(2017-), V90(2017-), XC90(2016-)

17. GM

Manual Reset:

(1). BUICK: Terraza(1995-1997,2005-2007)

(2). CADILLAC: CTS(2007-2009), SRX(2007-2009), STS(2005-2010)

(3). CHEVROLET: Tahoe(2000-2006)

(4). GMC:Yukon (2000-2006)

Car Body Setting Function:

Added AUDI Q7_ RVC _4M0-980-566 parameter

Added AUDI A4 B9A4(201605-) right front door folding

Added AUDI A4 B9A4(201605-) left front door folding

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