How to Calculate W204 EIS All Keys lost Key Password with VVDI MB Tool

How to Calculate W204 EIS All Keys lost Key Password with VVDI MB Tool
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Here’s the step-by-step guide to calculate MB W204 EIS all keys lost key password using VVDI MB BGA Tool and power adapter in 20 minutes.
Connect W204 EIS using VVDI MB EIS cables
now follow the steps
Open VVDI MB software
Select EIS Tools->Read EIS data->Save EIS data
Save eeprom bin file and HC05 format file
Select Password Calculation
Tick lost all working key
Select chassis W204
Click on Data Acquisition
1. This opeation need about 18 minutes. DON’T perform this opeartion on the car!!!
2. Connect EIS with correct able before continue
3. Don’t connect ESL to cable.
Now we connect the adapter
Connect MB power adapter (VVDI MB speed adapter) with VVDI MB
Click YES to continue
Please connect 12V to MB power adapter! DON’T provide 12V power to EIS
Remove 12V power adapter from EIS cable and connect it to MB power adapter
Click YES
Connect EIS with correct cable on the bench, don’t connect ESL.
Connect “device OBD line” to cable OBD head. Attention: No car OBD
Press OK after confirm
Connect “IR adapter” to VVDI MB tool before press OK
Press OK
Now you have to wait 18-25 minutes
Save pass dat. file
Acquisition finished, update the saved data with “Upload data” for password
Upload success. Quene number 1. require about 1 minute to finish
Wait about 2 minutes and then press Query Result
Calculate password success. Paste the pass
Remove the adapter and then connect 12V cable to EIS cable
Select EIS Tools->Read EIS data
Paste key pass
Save and replaced EIS data

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