CGDI MB Adds Benz W221 S-class 2012 216 EIS Type Key by OBD

CGDI MB Adds Benz W221 S-class 2012 216 EIS Type Key by OBD
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Here’s the guide to add Mercedes-Benz W221 S class 2012 216 EIS type by OBD2 by CGDI Prog MB key programmer.


Step 1: Generate key password

Select EIS function->Read EIS data

Then Computer Password function

Select Copy key with key and click on Collect Data

Follow these steps to generate key file

1.Insert the original car key into the EIS

2.Insert key into the CGDI MB device and wait for the collections

3.Insert the car key into the EIS for 10 sec and remove it

4.Insert the new key into the EIS

5.Unplug the key for for 5 sec and then insert the key into EIS

6.Insert the key into CGDI MB

7. Save the generated files

Save the file successfully, update the data to calculate password

Upload data successfully. Click the Query Result button to query

CGDI Prog MB calculated password success. Very fast.

Copy the key pass


Step 2: Write Key

Select EIS function and Read EIS data

Paste key password in corresponding area

Save EIS data 

Select Generate EE function->Load EIS file

Upload new EIS file just saved

Click on Generate Key File

Save KEY file

The key file was generated successfully.

Select Read/Write Key function->Open/Write

Smart key please choose 41 format, common key and BE key choose 51 format

Here’s the common key, we choose unused key position 6 and 51 verison

CGDI MB write W221 2012 key success.

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