How to Program Nissan Navara Remote Key with Auro OtoSys IM600

Here’s little guide to program a remote control key on a Nissan Navara by using Auro OtoSys IM600 tablet key programmer.


Connect IM600 host with vehicle via OBD diagnostic socket

Select IMMO function->choose or search Nissan->System Selection ->Immobilizer/Smart System->Immobilizer/Smart System->When performing key registration->Register/erase key

Insert ignition key into ignition key cylinder and turn ignition switch to ON position

Establishing vehicle communication

This procedure erases all registered key ID.

Press YES to continue

Perform key registration according to following procedures:

1.Remove inserted ignition key from cylinder
2.Insert unregistered ignition key into cylinder, turn ON ignition, then wait for 5 seconds or more
3.Check that security indicator turns on for 5 times
4.Turn ignition OFF. Remove ignition key and wait for 3 sec or more
5.A maximum of 5 ignition keys can be registered by repeating procedure from Step 2 to step 4 using unregistered ignition key
Press OK to end key registrtaion mode.

After key registration operation, the system turns to key registration mode.

Follow by instructions below:

1.Insert key into cylinder and turn ON ignition

2.For models with remote control engine starter,buzzer of remote control engine starter make sound for once, registration failed if buzzer does not make sound or make sounds for 3 times.

3. Turn ignition OFF, remove key and wait for 3 sec or more

4.Check that security indicator turns on at intervals of approximately 3 sec

Check each of all registered key can start engine.

Auro IM600 program Nissan Navara remote key success.

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