OBDSTAR H110 Program VW Polo 2013 IMMO4 NEC24C32 Dealer Key by OBD

OBDSTAR H110 supports key programming on VAG 2th,3th, 3.5th, 4th, 5th generation immobilizer system.  Here’s the guide to add VW Polo 2013 IMMO4 NEC 24C32 dealer key by OBD.


Connect H110 and RFID adapter with vehicle via OBD socket

Select Vehicles->Immobilizer->VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat->VW->Program Keys->4th Generation IMMO->NEC+24C32 ICM->Make ordinary dealer key

Turn ignition switch to ON position

Reading data

If OBDSTAR H110 key programmer prompts communication breakdown error, please check

1.Ignition is on “ON” position

2. Have connected main test cable with H110

3. Vehicle has enough power supply


Back to select Make ordinary dealer key again

Insert new key/chip to OBDSTAR RFID adapter

Reading data, the indicator of RFID adapter turns blue and keeps flashing

Generating dealer key

Make dealer key success.

Test the new key.


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