How to Add BMW FEM key with Yanhua Mini ACDP No Soldering

How to Add BMW FEM key with Yanhua Mini ACDP No Soldering
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How to: add a BMW FEM/BDC smart key with Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW key programmer without soldering/welding.
Download Yanhua Mini ACDP app on your mobile phone/PC
Support iOS Phone/iOS PC/Android phone (Qualcomm chipset mobile phones)/PC
Here’s the Android App QR code to download application directly.
iOS App QR code is not yet released (coming soon).

Step 1: Connect Yanhua ACDP with FEM/BDC module no soldering

Remove FEM module
Connect FEM with Yanhua Mini ACDP & FEM module adapter follow by video guide (very detail)
Make a good connection

Step 2: Backup Data

Pair Yanhua Mini ACDP with mobile phone via Bluetooth
Select BMW Programmer->FEM/BDC-> Mode 1: Add key (with a working key)->FEM/BDC preconditioning ->ICP automatic
(Note: If you lost all keys, select Mode 2: all keys lost)
The emergency starting induction antenna indicator turns on if connection is built.
Shows FEM/BDC device information
Check FEM/BDC version information
If ACDP prompts: Bad connection with 95128/95256 pin. Please check whether the chip soldering is correct.
If conform no problem, press OK to continue
Reading coding info.
Back up coding data
Reading device info
Backup 95256 eeprom data to :/Documents/YHDocuments/ATmatch/bmw/FEM_BDC/
Backup Calc. bin file
Downloading file data
Writing into memory
Preprocessing the FEM/BDC. The whole process takes about 15-30 minutes. Wait until it access to 100%
Writing data into memory
Backup the written log data
Data backup succeed.

Step 3: Add FEM key

Go to FEM/BDC function menu, select Program Key
Make sure you have a working key, new key and data backup
Put the working key close to the emergency starting induction antenna.
Turn on ignition but not start engine.
Yanhua Mini BMW tool read key info., key ID, ISN code etc
Select key position to learn key , i.e key #10, press LEARN button
Put the new key close to the emergency starting induction antenna.
Learn key in progress
Program ignition key success.
Test the new key.

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