Yanhua Mini ACDP not obtain authorization 500 module solution


I’ve connected and registered Yanhua mini acdp, then test to read BMW CAS4 immo data. After connect the CAS4 adapter with mobile phone and ACDP unit, it failed to read CAS4 5m48h data and prompted error ”
The device does not obtain authorization of A500 module. ”


You didn’t activate the BMW CAS1-CAS4+ authorization.



You still need to activate the module by Yanhua technician  after you buy ACDP adapters, CAS1-CAS4+, FEM, ISN etc.

Provide your device ID number, i.e ACDP-E**** to us, we’ll open the corresponding authorization for you.

After authorization is done, please check device authorization information and relflash the latest update.

Then you can use the Yanhua ACDP key programmer.


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