CG Pro 9S12 Adds Key BMW 525Li CAS4+ 5m48h No Need Other Tool

CG Pro 9S12 is not only an eeprom/ecu programmer, but also mileage and key programmer.  Here’s is the new test report on BMW 525Li CAS4+ smart key programming using CG-Pro stand-alone.


Remove CAS4+

Connect CG Pro with CAS4+ via DB25 connector 

Open CG Pro software

Select Vehicle->Anti-theft->BMW ->CAS4-5M48H

Click on Read Key

Insert a working key into CG Pro

CG Pro will read vehicle VIN, CAS version etc

Select first option “Have a working key” to add key

Then insert a new key to be programmed into CG-Pro programmer

Write key

CG Pro adds BMW CAS4+ key success.



CG Pro Supported BMW Key Programming Car List:

BMW             CAS3             YES
BMW            CAS3+           YES
BMW        CAS4            YES
BMW         CAS4+           YES
BMW            EWS4
BMW          EWS3
BMW          EWS2
(Program key via eeprom data)


CG Pro can adds Benz and Porsche keys after getting eeprom data as well.



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