Chevrolet Cruze Electronic Steering Column Lock Repair and Program Smart Key

Model: Chevrolet Cruze year 2013



The service steering column lock error and push button start not working Light are on



This fault is related to the anti-theft system and the steering column lock system must be repaired as necessary.



How to:  

Device used: FVDI 2018 Blue case

FVDI read 2 diagnostic trouble codes

B2515: Steering Column Lock Motor Feedback Circuit
Sympton Descprition: Not Plausible
Status: Not present

B3110: Keyless Entery Transmitter 2 Battery
Sympton Descprition: Malfunction
Status: Intermittent


First step is to repair the electronic steering column lock.

Then program new smart key with original key, also by 2018 FVDI commander.

It requires pin code. FVDI gave me the correct pin code.  This version FVDI goes well.

Problem solved. Car starts!!!


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