CG Pro adds IMMO Dash Gateway and Chip Models

CG-Pro 9S12 freescale programmer software update to  V1.6.0.0.

CG Pro V1.6.0.0 (2018.08.04) 

1.Add Immobilizer

Land Rover Discovery 3

2.Add Dashboard

Honda Fit High

Honda Fit Low

Honda Vezel

Honda XR-V

Honda Greiz

Hyundai 2016 Carens

Hyundai Sonata 9

Hyundai Sonata 9 V2

KIA 2016 K3

KIA 2016 K5

Suzuki 2017 Jimny

BMW F Series (3 Series)

ChangAn ZhiXin II

3.Add Gateway, Support for CGMB Gateway data writes

Benz 204/212-1L15Y (FLASH)

Benz 204/212-3M25J (FLASH)

4.Add chip

Motorola-9S08 9S08LG16-0M48V

Motorola-9S08 9S08LG16-0M48V

Fujitsu MB91F061S

Fujitsu MB91F062BS

Fujitsu MB91F467S

Microchip PIC18F24J11

Microchip PIC18F25J11

Microchip PIC18F26J11

Microchip PIC18F44J11

Microchip PIC18F45J11

Microchip PIC18F46J11

Microchip PIC18F26J13

Microchip PIC18F27J13

Microchip PIC18F46J13

Microchip PIC18F47J13

Microchip PIC18F24J50

Microchip PIC18F25J50

Microchip PIC18F26J50

Microchip PIC18F44J50

Microchip PIC18F45J50

Microchip PIC18F46J50

Microchip PIC18F26J53

Microchip PIC18F27J53

Microchip PIC18F46J53

Microchip PIC18F47J53

Microchip PIC18F6620

5.Fixed the problem that CAS2-2K79X read failure

6.Optimizing code to improve the stability of program operation

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