Program Renault Laguna 3 Smart Card with FVDI 2018

FVDI 2018 Commander works more stable than old versions and loads no problem on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.  Here’s demo guide on programming smart card on a Renault Laguna 3 under Windows 10 operating system.


Open 2018 FVDI Quick Loader

Select Renault->V5.4

Select Key Learning

Select vehicle Laguna III x91 2007-

Press Open

Select Read Pin Code

Please remove the key/card before the learning procedure is started.

If car is Megane III/Scenic III/Fluence:
-If you will learn virgin key/card-PUT this card in ignition lock (without turning ignition)
-If the card is working or already precoded-remote the card from the ignition lock at all

Press OK.

V2018 FVDI Read Pin code success.

Select number of keys to be learned: 2

Press OK.

Insert key 1 and turn on ignition

Insert key 2 and turn on ignition

Press OK to store the learning result.

Turn ignition off then turn it on

Laguna3 key learning success



Note: You can also calibrate LagunaIII mileage with FVDI 2018 abrites commander.


FVDI 2018 Program Renault Laguna 3 Smart Key Card

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