Program 2018 Ford Expedition Smart Key with Auro OtoSys IM100 IM600

Both Auro OtoSys IM100 and IM600 adds Ford models IMMO key programming up to 2018 in July 2018. Here’s the demo guide to program smart key on a Ford Expedition year 2018. with IM100.


Connect IM100 with vehicle via main cable

Select IMMO->Ford->Manual Selection->USA region->Expedition-> year 2015-2017->Smart key->Keyless system (CAN)-> Add smart key

The procedure will no erase existing keys.

Turn the ignition to ON position

The Auro IM100 reported an error “The tester can not communicate with the vehicle ecu”

Try to select the model and check connection, all this error. So we try to enter from Explorer.

Select Ford->Explorer->2015-2018->Smart Key->Keyless System (CAN)->Add smart key

Turn on ignition switch

Establishing vehicle communication

It is normal that the instrument panel turns black when performing this function.

Press Yes to continue

Wait for the security accessing

Learn key: 2

Place the smart key to be learned into the slot, which is usually:
1. in the armrest box;
2. in the glove box

Learning key in progress

Learn key: 3


Follow same procedure to learn next key.

Key learning completed.

Test the remote control and start vehicle.



If you need Auro OtoSys IM600, please contact our customer service:

Whatsapp : +86 18259252285


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  1. aurootosys im600 is the machine i imported but the most difficult part is mastering the toolon round i requestfor some user book via pdf or any ways.i recomend by saying its avery good tool.

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