Program Honda Civic 2010 All Keys Lost with Program Eucleia TabScan S7/S8

EUCLEIA diagnostic scanner TabScanb S7W/TabScan S8 supports lots of maintenance functions, including Immobilizer key programming.


Eucleia TabScan S7W Honda IMMO Operation Process:

Vehicle: Honda CIVIC 2010

1:Customer lost all car keys ,technicians get new key ready, key notice keep showing on dashboard,car can not be started.

2.Connect with car and select “Service”—“Immobliser”—“Honda”— “Immobliser”—“Manual”—“Type2 (4G)”—“All keys lost”

3. Insert new key and turn on ignition, input the key amount required according to the notice.

4.Turn on/off ignition until Tabscan S7W scanner remind the security light goes off, If yes then click ok.

5. Program success, restart ignition ,the IMMO light is off .



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