Program Mazda2 2018 Smart Keyless Entry with Auro OtoSys IM600/IM100

Program Mazda2 2018 Smart Keyless Entry with Auro OtoSys IM600/IM100
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There are several key programmers will do Ford/Mazda, but seldom tools cover newer vehicles 2017 up. Both Auro OtoSys IM100/ IM600 Mazda software releases to latest and supports year up to 2018 key programming. Here’s the guide to program smart key for Mazda2 year 2018.


At least 2 keys are required to be learned to start engine

Connect IM100/IM600 host with vehicle via OBD socket

Select IMMO->Select or auto search Mazda->Manual Selection->Mazda2->2017 up->Smart Key->Keyless System (CAN)->Add smart keys

Turn on ignition switch

Auro IM100 detects current number of smart keys: 2

System configuration in progress. Wait for about 7 minutes until you can hear vehicle horn

Depress the brake for A/T vehicles and clutch for M/T vehicles.
Put the smart key close to the START button


3rd key programming succeed

Key learning success. Press Yes to program next key.

Do following procedure:
Turn ignition off.
Depress the brake pedal, put the head of one learned key close to the START button, start the engine for 3s and then turn the ignition off.

Repeat this procedure for each learned key.



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