Toyota Rav4 2009 Smart Code Registration: Done with Techstream

This helps you guys with Toyota Rav4 to register the immobilizer portion of smart keys.


Software: Techstream

Note: You can use the new or old versions.

The latest is Techstream v13

Here, version 9 is used


Equipment: Mini VCI cable




any diagnostic cable that is confirmed to work with Techstream sw


Car: Toyota Rav 4 2009

Engine: 2GR-FE


Smart code registration process:


Connect the diagnostic cable to the vehicle

Run Techstream

Select Division, Model, Year, Engine and specify Options:

Car: Toyota Rav 4 2009

Engine: 2GR-FE

Option: 2WD

W/ smart key

Select ECU Smart Key for Smart resetting

Click for Utility

Then choose Smart Code Registration (classic) in Utility Selection Menu

The function is used to register the immobilizer portion of smart keys.


Confirm the following conditions:

– Power/engine switch is ON(IG)

– Smart cancel function is OFF


Choose third option:

I am registering keys and have replaced the ID Code Box and Smart ECU or have performed Smart Code Reset

Then press Next


Techstream starts to program keys…

To register key touch the Power/Engine Switch with the key – you will hear a signal, and then move the key to the center of car cabin – you will hear a signal once again.

To register the second, third key, etc. – just repeat “touch and move” operations. You have 30 seconds to do this.

Smart Code Registration is complete.


You can use this Smart Code Registration procedure even ID Code Box and Smart ECU had not been replaced. Both for new and used smart-keys.


Techstream registers smart keys to Toyota Rav4 2009

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