How to Add Kia Sorento 2000-2005 Dealer Key with Keyline 884 Mini

How to Add Kia Sorento 2000-2005 Dealer Key with Keyline 884 Mini
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Test: Keyline 884 Decryptor MINI Cloning Machine new dealer key making


Purpose: Add a new dealer key

Car: Kia Sorento 2000-2005

Key programming tool: Keyline 884 Mini

Keyline cloning tool:

Keyline 884 mini software download:

Keyline 884 mini pc software download:


Keyline 884 mini dealer key making:

In Keyline 884 mini software:

Research the vehicle: Kia Sorento 2000-2005

From the main menu, open the drop-down and select the eeprom xtra menu

Select the vehicle make, model and year

Select the correct immo

Eeprom reference: 93c56 8pin 256 bytes (default)

Compare your immobilizer with pictures in the software

Upload the file extracted from the eeprom memory and create a new original key

Select the correct vehicle to proceed

Check the desired vehicle is in the result list

Calculating: checking

Copying: receiving write command

Insert TK40/TK100/GK100/CK100

Insert the key with the required transponder in the Keyline 884 decryptor mini device

Reading key…

Copying: writing

Key copy completed

Remove the new original key from the 884 decryptor mini device

Test the new key functionality

Job’s done!


Kia Sorento 2000-2005 Add New Dealer Key: Keyline 884 Mini Done!

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