Program VAG Porsche 93C86 Continental Keyless with TMPro2

Program VAG Porsche 93C86 Continental Keyless with TMPro2
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How-to: program VW 93C86 continental keyless using TMPro 2 transponder key programmer.  Software module can be applied to VW Touareg 2009,Phaeton 2010-2011,Bentley 2014,Porsche Cayenne 2009,Audi A8 2009.




TMPro2 key Programmer

VAG,Porsche KESSY Continental software module

Soldering Iron

Power Supply Unit

PCF7936 or Silca T14 – JMA TP12 transponder or original remote key




Remove VAG,Porsche Kessy Continental control module

Then follow below connection diagram to locate the pin position

Then use the soldering iron to solder the wires as show on the above connection diagram

Connect the VAG,Porsche Kessy Continental module

Connect the TMPro2 to laptop,and run the TMPro software

Click on “Select and Read Memory Device”

Select “93c86(200)” and click OK to continue

Wait for TMPro2 to load data

You will see the information once the TMPro is done calculating

Now you can create you key.Just put the chosen type of key and press the button.

Then program will finish job automatically.


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