SVCI 2020 QuickLoader.exe-System Error Solution


I have recently purchased an SVCI 2020 (FVDI 2020 clone) hardware.
It came with an installation DVD. I installed the application and 2010 2012 C++ redistributable packages but every time that I want to use the application I receive this message:

“QuickLoader.exe-System Error
The code execution cannot proceed because mfc110u.dll was not found.”

			SVCI 2020 QuickLoader.exe-System Error Solution

When I go to my WindowsSystem32 folder the mfc110u.dll file is there but I keep receiving the error that the file was not found!

Reinstallling the program may fix this problem.

I appreciate any help to fix this annoying issue.


Go to patch folder, install all 4 exe. and should work.

Thanks. It worked.

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